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About the Author

The master behind it allNick-Name: Usagi
Age: 16
Birthday: October 19, 1991
Likes: Drawing, Yaoi, boys, cats, playing the cello, rock music
Dislikes: Meat, homophobes, rap music
Favourite Bands: Apocalyptica, Ayumi Hamasaki, Coheed and Cambria, Paramore, 36 Crazy Fists, The Almost, Metallica

What all started H:S?
Okay...first off, Loveless didn't inspire this ONE BIT. NOPE NOPE NOPE. Just cause it has people with kitty ears and tails doesn't mean that Loveless is what started my story.
WAYYY back in August 2004, I created cat-human characters based off of my cats I've had in the past. They had a little story too, where they magically came back to life in human form and lived with me. It was a stupid and silly story, I have to admit, and I called it Cat Crazy. Midnight and Blackie originally hated each other, and Blackie was always jealous of Midnight cause I loved Midnight more. Also, Checkers and his family wasn't even around when I started drawing CC. The CC story slowly died as summer 2005 came into place, and I stopped drawing it.
Summer 2006 is when H:S REALLY began. I wanted to give Midnight and Blackie a better story than CC. While I was at camp, one of my friends helped me, by giving a basic idea of a society with two different races, with the cat people being lesser thought of. Midnight started liking the mysterious human girl(and at that time, she had a name), and things actually ended happy. But that's changed now.
Around May-June 2007 is when I started adding Part 2, Boots and Tom's story. Boots originally existed in CC, but he didn't have a very big role, at all. I'll explain more as I get to drawing Part 2.
Checkers and Rusty's story blossomed August 2007. I'll explain more when I get to draw Part 3.
When did you start H:S?
The original story, Cat Crazy, started around August 2004. The actual Heart : Sanctuary started September 2007.
When did you start liking Shounen-ai and yaoi?
Well, it kinda started in my 8th grade year(2004-2005) when I bough Gravitation volume 1. I kinda liked it. Then summer 2006, I REALLY started getting into it. I created 2 characters (Joey and Stewart) who I just wanted to experiment with...and then shounen-ai just kinda took over my life! :D
How long do you think H:S will be?
I honestly don't know. Parts 1 & 2 will only have one chapter, but Part 3 is pretty darn long, and will have many chapters.
Do you have any other manga works?
Yes! You can read Vampire Valchrist right here on smackJeeves.
Do you have a deviantART account?
Yes, I do! I'm KagomeLovesInu. Here's a sample of my gallery!

Here's a youtube video of me talking about my comics~ There's a bunch of random stuff in here, but there's also a lot on the original Heart : Sanctuary and such, so I thought I'd stick this on here. :>

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